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Self Inductance : The property of a coil (or a circuit) by virtue of which it opposes any change in the amount of current flowing through it is called its self-inductance.
Semiconductors : Those materials whose electrical conductivity lies in between conductors and insulators are called semiconductors e.g. germanium, silicon etc.
Secondary Cells : A cell in which chemical action is reversible is called secondary cell.
Spherical Wavefront : If a point source in an isotropic medium is sending out waves in three dimensions, the wavefronts are spheres centered on the source. Such wavefront is called a spherical wavefront.
Stopping Potential : The minimum retarding potential (i.e. anode negative w.r.t. cathode) at which photoelectric current becomes zero is called stopping potential.
Single Crystal : The crystal in which regularity of atoms or molecules extends over the entire crystal is known as single crystal.
Semiconductor : A semiconductor is a substance which has almost filled valence band nearly empty conduction band with a small energy gap(eq leV) separating the two.
Semiconductor Diode : A pn junction is known as a semiconductor diode or crystal diode or junction diode.
Signal : The information converted into electrical form that is suitable for transmission is called a signal.
Space Communication : The phenomenon of sending, receiving and processing information through space is called space communication
Skip Distance : The distance between the transmitting aerial and the point where the sky wave is first received after returning to earth is called skip distance.
Skip Zone : The ground distance BC is called skip zone. No signal can be picked up in the skip zone.
Solar System : All objects bound in orbits by the sun's gravity comprise the solar system.
Stars : A stars is luminous gaseous heavenly body that generates energy by means of nuclear fusion reaction in its core.